About us

SOLARIS music is an association offering the promotion of musical artists with inspirations of geek and otaku’s world, or japanese influence. The influence of these artists can be in music or in art performance, the association favors novelty and imagination of these. SOLARIS music undertakes to reveal to beyond their borders these artists with original and varied creations.

« The passion before ambition »

The heart of the association is primarily sharing musical cultures. These are extremely diverse and we believe that they can create links, regardless of the nationality of each.

This time -sharing can not be possible without your participation. We encourage you to take a moment to click on a name, a music, or the videos available on the site.

SOLARIS music aspires to become in the near future a real label and turner.

2014 is the year where this passion is born and we hope to share it with you for a long time.

For more information please send your e -mail via the Contact page.